Interpersonal Signs Of Conflict

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Conflict management Introduction Conflict is defined as a disagreement that occurs between two or more parties that are involved in an activity which leads to perceived threats to their needs, concerns or interests. Conflict is a normal phenomenon in life and it provides numerous opportunities for growth and understanding of the experiences that shape life. Interpersonal conflict occurs between two or more people within one setting such as in an organization or work team ADDIN EN.CITE Barki2001294(Barki & Jon, 2001)29429417Barki, HenriJon, HartwickInterpersonal Conflict and Its Management in Information System DevelopmentMIS QuarterlyMIS Quarterly195-2282522001Management Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota02767783 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Barki, 2001 #294" Barki & Jon, 2001). Conflict management is defined as the use of certain skills and strategies in limiting the negative consequences of conflict in order to introduce the positive aspects of conflict at a level which is equal to or higher than where the conflict is actually taking place. Conflict management is aimed at enhancing learning or outcomes for a person or organization ADDIN EN.CITE Voydanoff2004298(Voydanoff, 2004)29829817Voydanoff, PatriciaThe Effects of Work Demands and Resources on Work-to-Family Conflict and FacilitationJournal of Marriage and FamilyJournal of Marriage and Family398-4126622004National Council on Family
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