Interpersonal Skills Analysis

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5. I will obtain the skills needed through my daily life, and involvement. As I enter higher entry-level courses communication skills will become more important with group projects, presentations, job interviews and talking with professors. Analytical skills can be obtained with different real life situations as well as in classes. Specifically I think my math classes will be the most helpful, because you are given a problem and asked to find the answer. Due to the problem being math there is typically a variety of ways to find the answer. Therefore, it would make me think in a variety of different ways until I found the most efficient way to get the solution. To obtain interpersonal skills I think obtaining a sales position in a store would be beneficial. This way I am able to work under someone as well as work with a team to obtain a specific goal. In order to achieve the quality of problem solving I would have to work with a variety of different people. I would learn each situation individuals and then configure the best possible approach for the situation. Time management is a skill that everyone must learn as they grow up. This is a skill that I am learning in college where I have to learn balance my work, friends and activities. I think one of the best possible ways to obtain all these skills at once is to become a leader. A leader needs all these qualities in order to succeed in their
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