Interpersonal Skills for Effective Management

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Interpersonal skills for effective management

What really is management? And what are interpersonal skills?

Management is a process that a manager/leader performs while governing an organization or a particular department in an organization. There are no definite qualities a manager possesses. But a vital skill a manager MUST possess is "interpersonal skills".
Interpersonal skills basically deal with "communication" skills. However, interpersonal skills do not constitute just communication skills. It deals with other skills such as leadership, co-operative skills, negotiation skills, etc. An effective manager usually possesses these rather "unique" skills.

Former NAACP President Bruce S. Gordon has said "I believe that any
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The description provides a glimpse of an effective general manager in action. It portrays networking at its best that management consultant and scholar John Kotter considers vital to becoming an effective manager.(Wiley, 2003)

Since networks are essential to effective managerial success in today’s multifaceted work environments, effective managers devote much time and effort to network growth. In the case of this general manager, for example, the networks included relationships with peers, higher-level executives, subordinates and members of their work teams, as well as external customers, suppliers and community representatives (Ottman, 2008).

It is inevitable for managers to encounter difficult people who hinder us from achieving our goals. The ability to understand why people are difficult, anticipate who will be difficult and take actions to lead difficult individuals out of unproductive situations to improved performance and better working relationships is an essential interpersonal skill in management.

In order to communicate with difficult people effectively, one should first learn to identify the signs of a difficulties in situations, relationships, communications, etc. Having some insight into what their reasons might be, enabling us to take opportunities to turn potential conflict into an exchange of understanding and cooperation. A topical example can be found in the situation that someone suddenly becomes more difficult, irritable, or
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