Interpersonal Strengths Of Walt Disney

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The company that I have found suits me best is Walt Disney. This company interests me the most and has the most potential for my future. The interpersonal skills that Disney looks for in an employee are good listening and good verbal communicating. The employee should be able to build and keep healthy and productive relationships with others, establish and keep mutual respect, maintain a positive viewpoint, and display grace under pressure. All of these features will make others want to work with you. The professional skills that Disney looks for in an employee are time management, stress management/handling pressure, critical thinking, honesty, reliability, problem solving, and listening. Disney does not necessarily have a specific education requirement. It is preferred if you have a degree in whatever job you are applying for. So I would need a degree in Graphic (or Communication) Design to apply for a graphic design job. Disney has a few specific opportunities for college graduates, specifically internships for recent graduates. The internships are temporary and they give no guarantee that you will be chosen for a full-time job after the internship. When the internship is complete, the participant can apply for other jobs in the company within 4-8 weeks after the end date. There are not any future changes or additions in job opportunities for Disney in the next few years at the moment and most jobs are already fulfilled by others. Disney has many strengths and weaknesses. A few of the strengths are diversified business, financial strength, and strong brand equity. Disney started as a small animation studio and now it has grown to be so much more. Disney doesn’t just make animations anymore. They make books, toys, apparel, etc. The business has diversified and that has created a enough financial strength to do a lot more than it could years ago. The company’s financial strength has allowed the company to expand around the globe throughout the years. This expansion has made the Disney brand known all over the world. Disney is known for its strong brand equity. Their brand is known for being wholesome and it has built this image through its animations. People look to Disney for good family values and ethics

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