Interpersonal Violence And Promoting Gender Justice

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CONNECT, Inc., is a New York City nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing interpersonal violence and promoting gender justice. It was founded in 1993 in NYC, and operates at a local level. CONNECT is a leading, non-profit training, educational and advocacy organization dedicated to the prevention and elimination of interpersonal violence.
CONNECT’s multi-level approaches deal with both the systemic and individual roots of violence. In order to align with CONNECT’S mission, a major goal includes transforming individual attitudes, beliefs and behaviors (CONNECT n.d.).
The project is primarily premier training for new staff and volunteers to the organization, and who is also new to working with survivors of domestic violence. This training will function as an invaluable tool for internal training needs, which allow for staff time and resources to be preserved and utilized, essentially creating an informed and skilled workforce for greatest impact on reducing occurrences of domestic violence. It is also crucial for particularly male staffs that lack any prior domestic violence training or might be uncomfortable with the subject.
Senior staff members will be conducting the four full days training, which will be incorporating formal and informal styles, not limited to presentations, group discussions and role plays.
Needs Statement
Domestic violence (DV), also known as intimate partner violence, is a pattern of abusive behavior that keeps one partner in a position of…
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