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Interpol Interpol is an abbreviation for international police, which is the largest international police organisation. Partly because of its size it has encountered many problems. The question is: What problems were Interpol faced in attempting to achieve its aims since its formation in 1923? As the name says it, its job is to act as police for the whole world sharing information and working with countries to facilitate cross border criminal police organisation. Its area lies under vast circumstances. Taking the area of control into consideration you could call Interpol 'The World Police.' A truly over…show more content…
Under such vast circumstances it is hard to work and achieve its aims since its formation. From the beginning it was clear that Interpol was more of a west dominated organisation. In 1923 Executive director of the US National association of Chiefs of Police in a letter to the civil and constitutional rights of the USwrote how Interpol is not effective law enforcement and a threat to the privacy and safety of citizen's around the world. He urged to undergo serious consequences for this and cut off all funds to the organisation. He was mainly referring to incidents which involved the disrespect of human rights. Remembering Interpol's main objectives and aims, human rights was definitely an issue which was to be treated with care. The following description may not only be true for Interpol but for many other international organisations as well. Basically the police in third world countries are protecting the rich and at the same time oppressing the poor. In no area will any international organisation gain respect for oppressing the poor for example, in fact it will most probably lead to a worse reputation. In the mean time Interpol is assisting the west and providing them with intelligence against the third world. A big problem Interpol is confronted with but also knows about, which makes them look not so good. Still they
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