Interpretation Of Inferences And Assumptions

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Running head: INTERPRETATION OF INFERENCES AND ASSUMPTIONS 1 Interpretation of Inferences and Assumptions Diana L. Brown HUM101 – Critical Reasoning Colorado State University: Global Campus Robert Freeborough September 14, 2014 Running head: INTERPRETATION OF INFERENCES AND ASSUMPTIONS 2 Critical thinking is a part of everyday life and does not necessarily mean making a decision in a high pressure or high stakes environment. It can be as simple as understanding connections between one concept and another in order to anticipate what the outcome may be. Or, it may be detecting faulty reasoning that is purported in a television commercial. “It entails effective…show more content…
In order to distinguish between the two, inference and assumption, real life examples can help provide a better understanding. An assumption that is centered off a previous experience can lead to making an inference based on that assumption (Elder & Paul, 2002). For example, if you drive your car around a particular blind corner daily and see children in a yard, playing near the road, you could assume that this corner is dangerous. On a subsequent day, you may see an accident at this same corner and infer that a child was involved in the accident. Depending on how sound our belief is, the assumption or inference may or may not be accurate. Running head: INTERPRETATION OF INFERENCES AND ASSUMPTIONS 3 Assumptions can be learning opportunities, especially when the outcome is different than expected. Recently, I assumed that an employee who was given an opportunity to participate in a new procedure had the training he needed to be effective independently. He and three others had been provided with hands on procedure time in addition to the computer training which supported the procedure. This young man was approached on numerous occasions as to the quality of his orientation. He repeatedly explained that he was ready and excited to get started. As it turned out, I witnessed him struggle through numerous steps in the process, relying on his peer to
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