Interpretation Of My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke

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“The Dance” In discussions of “My Papa’s Waltz,” one controversial issue has been that it is about a contumelious relationship between Roethke and his drunk father. On the one hand, some readers argue that it is about Roethke and his father dancing. On the other hand, many readers contend that it is about rape. Others even maintain it is just Roethke walking his intoxicated father home. However, after deconstructing the poem, it becomes increasingly undeniably clear that it is about Roethke and his father “waltzing.” The subject of “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke has spurred passionate academic debate from professors, scholars, and students alike, the imagery, and syntax. This clearly supports the interpretation that Roethke writes “My Papa’s Waltz” to illustrate a playful but rough memory that Roethke had as a child “waltzing” with his father.

It is essential to understand the context of "My Papa's Waltz.". In fact, Roethke was only fifteen when he wrote this. Roethke father’s profession was a greenhouse owner, and the year the poem was published was in 1942. In line fourteen “With a palm caked hard by dirt”. When researching “Caked” defines covered, which explains where his father works since it is in a greenhouse. The author includes this in the story to show that “Caked” can be interpreted that Roethke’s father was a hard worker. Lines one and two reveals, that Roethke’s father is a heavy drinker “The whiskey on your breath could make a small boy dizzy ”
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