Interpretation of Richard Cory, by Edwin Arlington Robinson Essay

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The poem, "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson is the classic pity-the-star story. It has been rumored that some people worshipped by the public eye are just regular people with regular problems, but honestly how big could their problems be? Richard Cory seems to be one of those heart-stopping, rolex-wearing famous people who had a regular problem or two. In scanning the poem line by line, its is easier to uncover meaning. The first line of the poem suggests that Richard Cory wasn't a common person among the people. "Whenever Richard Cory went down town", suggests that Richard Cory lives uptown, probably in some huge house, maybe by himself, and doesn't make it into town very often. The reader could guess that maybe…show more content…
However, the sixth line, "And he was always human when he talked", sheds a new light on what type of public figure that he really is. When someone of the public eye is "human" when the talk, it means that they are down to earth. If a fan were to say that Britney Spears is so down to earth, it would mean that maybe Britney isn't quite the supernatural goddess that everyone figures she is when they see her on TV. The public puts too much time and amazement into public figures, and don't really see them as actual people. Rather they see them as some type of alien created by God to entertain us, but not actually have a real life or real feelings. The next two lines of the poem clearly states that Richard Cory flutters pulses when he says good morning, and also glitters when he walks. At this point in the poem, the reader is supposed to make the connection between Richard Cory as a real person but also as a very prominent, and possibly famous character. In the next four lines of the poem, the reader can take the meaning of Richard Cory's star power in a few different directions. The poem is now telling the reader that Richard Cory is richer than a king and very smart. Even more important than this however are the next two lines. It is now clearly evident that the people thought Richard Cory was everything and that the people looking at him were wishing that they were

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