Interpretations Of Sustainable Urban Transport Systems Of Different International Cities

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Interpretations of Sustainable Urban Transport systems of different international cities


Sustainable development is the current holy grail of developers & planners across the globe. It is a roadmap to attain sustainability in any resource using activity requiring intra-generational & inter-generational reproduction, where reserve use & living condition of present & future human generation is being met without undermining the "integrity, stability & beauty" of natural biotic systems (Leopold, 1949). After Brundtland Report, the term "Sustainable development" gained popularity and mainstream use (Brundtland, 1987). Sustainable development preaches that socio-economic-ecological progresses are concomitantly attainable within the limits of our earth’s natural resources through judicious & pragmatic use across space, time and quality of life. The UN Millennium Report found main principles and treaties as economic, environmental & social development (Kofi Anan, 2000). After UNCSD/Rio+20 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), most countries drafted national sustainable development strategies (Rio+20, 2012). However, these strategies varied wildly; as socio-economic condition, cultural background & national development visions altered strategic goals among different countries. Transport sector plays a pivotal role in national growth through connectivity & ease of transporting goods & people. Improved road network always creates growth & prosperity in an urban…
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