Interpretations Of Sustainable Urban Transport Systems Of Different International Cities

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Interpretations of Sustainable Urban Transport systems of different international cities Introduction Sustainable development is the current holy grail of developers & planners across the globe. It is a roadmap to attain sustainability in any resource using activity requiring intra-generational & inter-generational reproduction, where reserve use & living condition of present & future human generation is being met without undermining the "integrity, stability & beauty" of natural biotic systems (Leopold, 1949). After Brundtland Report, the term "Sustainable development" gained popularity and mainstream use (Brundtland, 1987). Sustainable development preaches that socio-economic-ecological progresses are concomitantly attainable within…show more content…
(congestion, pollution, overpopulation etc.). Sustainable Urban transport sector was chosen to study & compare transport planning, policy & implementation of different countries across the globe. It was found that countries already heavily developed in vehicular mode (private vehicle) is having hard time shifting modal preference to sustainable urban transport systems (MRT, BRT, NMV); as this requires huge initial capital investment, enthusiastic public participation & political statesmanship & sagacity & willingness to face hostile public reaction to change over (ie; Singapore- modal shift from vehicular to public transport) (MoT, Singapore website, 2014). Countries like USA also faces huge public opposition (perception of curtailment of freedom) & legal barrier (4th amendment, US constitution), (Richard, 2009). USA (San Francisco, Portland, New York, and Milwaukee) has deconstructed freeways (Norquist, 2000); France (Paris) has converted Georges Pompidou Expressway into Paris-Plage (Paris Beach) (Charles Siege, 2007) and South Korea (Seoul) has removed Cheonggye freeway to restore Cheonggyecheon river (Natalie, 2013). Achieving the balance between progress and impact is a delicate dance choreographed through sustainable development planning, policy and pragmatic implementation. How the described countries are faring will now be scrutinized. Definition: Sustainable development is “Development that meets the needs
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