Interpretations of Victory by Petr Aleksandrovich Krivonogov

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Description Victory is one of if not the most famous art work by Petr Aleksandrovich Krivonogov. Krivonogov was a Soviet painter for the battles of The Great Patriotic War, which is what the Soviets called World War II; also otherwise known as the Great War. Krivonogov painted many battles of the Great War but Victory is known more wildly as his most famous because it depicted the final battle of the Red Army. This painting depicts the victory and final surrender of the Nazis in front of the Third Reich capitol building. It was Nazi Germany’s last stand, and also the Red Army’s most notable victory of the last Great War. The painting shows the most joyous celebration of the Soviet Union soldiers after conquering the capitol. Some spectators have said “[they’ve] never seen a painting depict the joy of victory as much as this one.” You can see that in this painting it seems like a very hard fought battle and that it must have been grueling and ferocious. You can tell that at the end of this long terrible battle the victors that stand all around their fallen foes are celebrating and emotional and overall purely joyed. This painting depicts the image that you could create in your head of the battle’s end perfectly. The smoke filling the sky and the bullet riddled pillars shows the grueling battle. The soldiers of the Red Army standing in arms with their comrades cheering and smiling just shows victory to the absolute best extent. II. Analysis Victory! Petr

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