Interpreter of Maladies Essay

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Symbolism is an important factor in many stories. In “Interpreter of Maladies”, the author, Jhumpa Lahiri, uses the symbol to represent her idea. In the story, the main character, Mr. Kapasi, is an Indian tour guide who accompanies the Das family on their way to see the Sun Temple at Konarak. Mr. Kapasi is an intelligent and knowledgeable man. He was once fluent in many languages but now speaks only English. He wanted to be a diplomat once but now he works as an interpreter in a doctor’s office. Mr. and Mrs. Das are young couple with three kids. Mr. Kapasi feels that they are more likely to be brother and sister to the kids than parents. The story’s central conflict focuses on the marriage situation because both the protagonist, Mr. …show more content…
His arranged marriage is struggling because his wife cannot recover from her sorrow over the loss of their young son. Mrs. Das’s sudden interest in his job makes him start his romantic imagination journey. When the Das family has lunch, Mr. Kapasi is invited to join with them. Then, they take the photograph which Mr. Kapasi happens to sit next to Mrs. Das. At the time, Mr. Kapasi feels that he is the best match with Mrs. Das as both of them have the same maritally unsatisfied circumstances. Mrs. Das asks for Mr. Kapasi’s address to send the photograph that they have taken. For her, asking Mr. Kapasi’s address is nothing, but for Mr. Kapasi, writing his address on the scrap paper becomes the way to begin his romantic relationship.
The scrap paper also represents the future communication for Mr. Kapasi to have relationship affair with Mrs. Das. Effective communication is an important characteristic to build a strong and happy family. However, Mr. Kapasi has lost his ability to communicate with his wife. The narrator indicates that Mr. Kapasi has to spend his evening with enjoying “the evening newspaper and a cup of tea that his wife would serve him in silence” (554). As Mr. Kapasi’s marriage is not a happy marriage, he was thinking that the world is not fair for him as he has to drink his tea in silence and he is in a loveless marriage. Similarly, Mrs. Das also doesn’t want to communicate with her
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