Interpreting Hospital Financial Statements: The Implications of Change

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Interpreting Hospital Financial Statements: The Implications of Change Introduction Though they are not entirely comprehensive tools, a great deal can be learned about a hospital or other healthcare organization for-profit or not-for-profit from an examination of their annual financial documents (Finkler & Ward, 2006). The balance sheet and statement of revenue and expense can both yield valuable clues even in the absence of other evidence about changes that might be occurring in the organization, a definition of the type and degree of certain problems that it might be facing, and potential opportunities for improvement in performance that might exist (Finkler & Ward, 2006). Comparing two or more years' worth of financial information yields even more valuable insights, tracking movement in the hospital or other organization's ability to finance its activities and thus continue providing services at the same level, quantity, and scope as current operation. The following pages present a brief analysis of sample data from one healthcare organization. Accompanying this written report are spreadsheets of the company's financial data its balance sheet and its statement of revenue and expenses that provide not only the figures from the audited reports of the hospital examined, but also show the change from year to year on each item as both a dollar amount and a percentage. Changes of more than five percent are considered worthy of discussion, and as these documents show much
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