Interpreting Music and Finding the Meaning

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Ever since I first say the original version of Disney's Fantasia, I was astounded by the way certain pieces of music were able to communicate such complex and wonderful pictures. Like most children, I was always fascinated by prehistoric life the large and powerful dinosaurs living in a primitive world so alien to our own. As I grew up, I tried to read everything I possibly could about that primitive world, and when I combined that interest with the visuals and music in Fantasia, began to wonder about some of the compositions.
One of these pieces of music, written by Igor Stravinsky just prior to World War I, was the ballet score for The Rite of Spring. Disney's interpretation was all I knew at the time, so I was extremely surprised that the original piece of music had nothing to do with the dinosaurs or prehistory, but instead was a ballet based on pagan Russia and the power of Spring. What was so interesting was the way the Disney artists used the music to depict spewing volcanoes, earthquakes, massive dinosaur herds, and it all seemed to fit so well that it seemed natural. When I viewed a number of different interpretations of the same music on YouTube, I found them so utterly different that it really hit me the power of musical expression and what it can do to one's imagination.
Then, I began to become even more intrigued and found that The Rite of Spring was so controversial at its Paris premier that even with famous artists like the dancer Nijinsky and conductor
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