Interpreting The Story 'A Rose For Emily'

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This story was very interesting, and this story "A Rose for Emily" was very simple. When Im reading this story it was sort of very confusing way of writting. And when reading this story you have to focus because if you are not you will miss something important parts of the story. This story was written in out of order for the purpose, this story was interesting to attract or catch the readers attention. This story about the father protecting his child for his entire life, then the people in the background had no proper behavior because they did not guide properly. Emily was always protected by her father. And her parents not allowed her to do anything because she was expected that she will behave honorable because of her status was high in the community. Her…show more content…
And because she was she was always sheltered by her parents, Emily did not know how to survive or love alone and she dont even know how to deal with the other people. Then time goes by Emily was a loved interest with Homer then after many days their relationship seems so good , 'til the day that Emily go to the store and buy some poison. After that Homer did not showed up again. Then I learned that Emily killed Homer using that poison. Then Emily put Homer's dead body in her bed upstairs. She did'nt knoww how to live or survive alone so she killed Homer to be by herside. She did not know what is love and then she was desperate for not being alone so she killed Homer. Many people say that Emily was crazy. She never know how to interact with other people and she dont even know how to love because she was always being sheltered by her father. And because of that Emily grow up with her father that is always protecting her. Emily did not showed up in almost six months. When they saw Emily, she was fat and her hair was turned into gray. And then Emily's house was remains closed for all visitors. Then a years had past when Emily give her china painting
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