Interpreting the Perfect Electoral System

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'There is no such thing as a perfect electoral system' The idea of perfection is interpreted differently amongst everybody in the UK. The word 'Perfect' is defined as having all the necessary or typical characteristics required for a given situation. So everybody will have different thoughts on what really is a perfect electoral system. Generally, a perfect electoral system is one which has the qualities of being simple, gives a varied choice to the electorate, is fair and proportional, gives a clear outcome and is microcosmic, it represents the people more. Firstly, it could be argued that the more proportional electoral systems are the closest to a 'perfect' electoral system because they show what/who the people of the UK really…show more content…
The Conservatives gained 307 seats, Labour won 258 seats and the Liberal Democrats won 57 seats. Never the less, it may seem straight forward and simple but it has a variety of advantages and disadvantages. The fact it's simple is one of the advantages, not only is it simple to understand but the ballot paper is simple as you can only cast one vote. Also, it produces a quick and clear vote and it also produces a stable government as the winning party adds a bonus of seats and single party governments with a working majority have significant control over the legislative process, both of these factors contributing to the creation of a stable government. However, despite these advantages the First Past the Post system produces disproportional outcomes, this is where the amount of seats won in the election doesn't reflect the share of votes received. Also, it favours plurality rather than majority support, so the victorious candidates don't need a majority to gain power. Not only this, but First Past the Post produces votes of unequal value, the constituencies are roughly the same size, they're not exactly the same size which means different constituencies have votes of different values, also most votes are wasted due to tactical voting so these votes don't even help elect the MPs. Never the less, First Past the Post produces a responsible government as well as a strong government. Voters have a clear choice
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