Interprofessional Communication Illness

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When I enrolled for this class last spring, I was excited to be in a class that was completely dedicated to my major. Most of the classes I have taken at Stockton so far have been geared toward the health science program, where I worked with future physical and occupational therapists. Although my previous courses have helped with interprofessional communication and teamwork, I was ready to learn more about the field of communication disorders. The most surprising thing that I learned during this course is the amount of planning that goes into everyday speech. I never realized so many anatomical features must be accessed to produce one sound, which combines with others to produce words, sentences, and paragraphs. I also neglected the effect that breathing has on speech. Some much must occur, that is nearly automatic, for a person to inhale enough air to produce a simple statement. However, we, as human, don’t have to think about this phenomenon unless we are in a speech class. Another thing, biologically, that surprised me was that different areas of the brain…show more content…
I have always had a strong desire to work with individuals with special needs. In class, we looked at the various disabilities that affect the overall language of a patient. One of the major disorders that I would like to learn more about, due to the prevalence of it, is Autism Spectrum Disorder. I feel that most people know of someone who is on the spectrum, whether it be a mild or profound impact. As of now, I hope to work with a pediatric population, where developmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, can play a major role on the patient’s development. Before I declared a major, I debated with the idea of being a special education teacher. This area of speech-language pathology allows me to combine both passions of mine into
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