Interprofessional Communication in Healthcare

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Reflection on the Handover Video Vignette The issue of inter-professional communication is a critical aspect of contemporary healthcare to enhance team communication and collaboration; its unique principle is the ability of building mutual trust, understanding and support in healthcare environment (Portsmouth, Coyle & Trede, 2012). More importantly, it ensures patient’s intensive care and outcomes effectively. In this reflective essay, by approaching the 5Rs framework for reflection, I will be evaluating and analysing my personal characteristics, namely assertiveness and active listening skills compared to characteristics of two health professionals working in multidisciplinary team through a pregnancy related stroke handover.…show more content…
Also, there are hardly communication barriers between them. Accordingly, this could be explained that they had a completely handover performance as a result of effective inter-professional communication and collaboration in order to optimise patient’s outcome. Initially, I questioned myself whether I might have reflective practice skills like two clinicians when conducting a clinical process appropriately in the inter-professional communication environment. Although I could possess these characteristics as my personality trait, I realize that there is a gap of cognitive knowledge to meet effective communication strategies in professional practice. Apparently, as a first year nursing student, I have not sufficiently developed my ability to perform assertive and active listening skills like them. As the pregnancy related stroke case is to threaten the safety for Sally and her baby, there should have proper characteristics of teamwork communication to cooperate adequately. However, I could not manage my voice and body posture calmly, relaxed if I encounter this situation; moreover, I might have some limitation of conveying handoff professionally and confidently like James. Then, although I am used to be good at active listening skill, I may interrupt James to clarify patient’s information sometimes; even I could not
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