Interprofessional Interaction Exercise Evaluation

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INTERPROFESSIONAL INTERACTION EXERCISE EVALUATION Description of the Exercise This exercise involved a communication exchange between a small group of nursing students with a small group of pharmacy students. It was designed as an opportunity for health care professionals in different disciplines to ask one another about areas of professional responsibility that they share. For example, nursing students explained some of the problems they encounter making sure they avoid any errors in selecting the right medication for administration to their patients in the clinical environment. This provided pharmacists in training to develop a better understanding of how their practices, such as in connection with labeling medications can promote high quality clinical healthcare and how they can develop practices to improve patient safety by reducing the possibility of clinical medication administration errors. Likewise, pharmacy students had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the role that nurses often play in clinical practice when it comes to patient safety in connection with helping to identify mistakes made by physicians and by pharmacists. Interdisciplinary Benefits of the Exercise It became relatively obvious that this exercise represented a valuable opportunity. Before the exercise, pharmacists in training rarely consider the clinical difficulties of differentiating many different types of medications because of their similar packaging. In the pharmacist's
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