Interracial Adoption Is A Controversial Issue For Decades Now

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One of the most common scenarios we think of when hearing the phrase, “transracial adoption”, is a white family bringing an African American baby into their home. However, that is not always the case. Transracial adoption means the joining together of racially diverse parents and children together into an adopted family. Many families have had the life changing opportunity of adopting a child into their home, whether the child is African American, Chinese, or Vietnamese, that has shaped the family into something even stronger. People should consider interracial adoption because children are able to benefit from a different ethnic background as well as provide a cultural abundant experience for the whole family.

Interracial adoption has been a controversial issue for decades now. Segregation plays a big aspect when thinking about how problems with this concept started being portrayed. People believe that when you start to associate different races in a family, the racial identity of the children can start to diminish. However, it is understood that a transracially placed child, and a biracial child in particular, is in the best position to see the commonality between their race and their adoptive race and the barriers to communication, respect, and understanding between the two (Forde-Mazrui). If they are old enough to have been a part of and experienced life in their culture, they will be able to make connections between the two races. On the other hand, this all depends
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