Interracial Couples

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Interracial marriage is more than an ethical discussion. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the internet, interracial couple is a romantic couple or marriage in which the partners are of different races. The answer, if differences affect in multiracial couples is positive. There is a continuous debate among spouses related to the most serious issues of individual religion, nationality and education. Let us have a first look in history. In the book entitled "Tell the court I love my wife-race, marriage and law, an American history» (New York Library of Congress, 2002, chapter 4, page 61) Walleinstein Peter points that "interracial sex characterized as a forbidden fruit and interracial marriage as a match so…show more content…
The wife's view of marriage and family tends to be shaped by the Catholic Church. That is often not so for the men." Then, a question that involves religion is where and with what way they will be married .This is one of the biggest dilemmas. Historically, after the French Revolution, law gave the opportunity to people from different religions to get married by civilian authority. The Lord of the town, and afterwards the Mayor have the opportunity to marry interracial couples. But, church does not support this solution. In the Internet site entitled "answers in Genesis" states that "according to the Bible, the priority in marriage is that a Christian should marry only a Christian" and adds that: "it is true that in some exceptional instances when a Christian has married a non-Christian spouse, by the grace of God, has become a Christian". However, a change of religion just because your spouse wants it, is also a violation on personal freedom and right. Christians do not unequally yoked together with unbelievers .It shows that someone who wants to get married with a Christian is presented by them unbeliever and stranger. The problems affect the couple. Furthermore, another difference that affects the harmony of a multiracial couple is the moral issue about baptism their kid. Even if they get the decision, it's hard to take a child between
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