Interracial Marriage Research Paper

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Vy Tran
English 1302
18 Mar, 2016.
Was Interracial Marriage In General Or Just Black and White Marriage Taboo Before The Late Nineteenth Century? According to the decision of the Supreme Court in 1967, the marriage of participants who belong to two different races was formally legalize. This decision had immensely formed two contradictory fame. While “Loving v. Virginia” invalidated laws which prohibited interracial marriage, “Anti-miscegenation laws” or “Miscegenation laws” extremely administered racial segregation by criminalizing interracial marriage and sometimes sex between spouses of different races. The case “Loving v. Virginia” was brought up by the love of an interracial marriage in which Mr. Richard Loving, a white man happened to fall in love with a black woman whose name was Mrs. Mildred Loving. The marriage of the
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Unremarkable the love affairs between Black men and White women and between Black women and White men have also been presented frequently by prime time television shows and movies. Americans have become familiar with indirectly experience interracial intimacy between Black and White through celebrity liaisons. Americans are becoming less opposed to interracial dating and marriage than in previous decades according to National Opinion Research Center in 2002. Why has interracial love and marriage become more acceptable in recent years, and, more importantly, why is Black and White interracial sexual affinity often presented as an interracial stereotype at the moment in American life? Just 50 years ago, a Black man in the South risked his life if suspected by Whites of looking the wrong way at a White woman. A White woman faced rejection by her family and disgrace in the eyes of White society for having a mixed child with a Black man. The decision of the Supreme Court in 1967 has opened a lot of minds throughout the
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