Interracial Marriage Should Be Legal

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Interracial marriages are still considered taboo in many countries in the world and even in the United States. While the opportunity to marry whoever one desires is a reality in America, it is not always common and sometime frowned upon in our communities. Much progress has been made as a country to allow interracial marriages to be successful, but the American population has had difficulty accepting the legal development that has taken place in our nation. Interracial Marriage has been fought throughout our history but is not an unethical relationship in fact it creates avenues to expand our diversity as a human race.
Interracial marriage can be defined as the union of two people of different racial or ethical background. Historically interracial marriage has been deemed as an issue in America. With the European powers in charge and a slave based economy, it was important to the early Americans to maintain control over their slaves by whatever means needed. Poor treatment of slaves was a common practice, which included miscegenation or interracial sexual activity, typically by rape. This continued all through US history even after the freeing of their slaves, a result of the US Civil War. Issues of interracial relationships and marriages were not brought to light until the African-American civil rights movements began to take place in the 1950s. (International Encyclopedia)
Two critical Supreme Court cases have played a major role in interracial relationships in US history.…

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