Interracial Marriage Should Be Permitted Or Rejected

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Interracial relationships rates have dramatically increased in the United States of America (Kalmijn 1993; Qian 1997). The mixing of cultures between whites and African Americans has considerably overcome its old barriers and is currently being witnessed throughout the country. According to Joyner and Kao 2005, dating outside one’s race has grown to be very common nowadays. In 1967, the case of Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter in the State of Virginia rose up controversies on whether interracial marriage should be permitted or rejected. After the Supreme court decision to legalize interracial marriage, the subject has gradually become more prominent. The objective in this paper is of three folds: first to demonstrate that interracial relationships are a treasure to the American Society and to analyze the impact of racial injustice in today’s interracial relationships with much regard to the African American community during and after slavery. Second, it is to compare and contrast the pros and cons arguments toward the mixing of races. Third, to evaluate the power of prejudice and how far is can go. Interracial relationships were prevalent in America since the times of slavery even though they are actually obtaining a lot more consideration today. Audrey Smedley, author of “Race in North America: Origins of a Worldview”, reported the very first mulatto child was born in 1620. Although desegregation has been achieved, a profound analysis shows that discriminations based upon
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