Interrelation Between Health, Safety And Nutrition

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Health is one's physical well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Safety is protection from potential injuries, and nutrition is the availability of healthy nourishment, enabling the body to grow and develop. There exists a strong interrelation between health, safety and nutrition in that all depend on each other. For one to be viewed as healthy, all the three factors must be in balance. Absence or deficiency of any of the factors causes a decline in others. For instance, inadequate nourishment leads to overall poor nutrition. This results in more susceptibility to infections because the body lacks required nutrients to boost and maintain immunity. This can be depicted in a deficiency in calcium and vitamin D, which causes rickets,…show more content…
The body becomes unsafe and prone to short-term impacts such as sunburns and long-term impacts being skin cancer. Macronutrients and micronutrients combine to maintain the barrier tasks of skin in the day to day challenges. Sunburn and skin cancer disrupt this nutrition role in promoting healthy skin; hence general health becomes interfered. These two examples show how health, safety and nutrition are interrelated (Berk, 2009).
Young children are made aware of the issues that contribute to well-being by teaching them and modeling for them behaviors related to the promotion of well-being. This enables them to embrace such practices for life. Children need to practice good eating habits for optimum health. Inculcation of practices, such as proper nutrition, safety practices in and out of the home, and healthy practices (exercise and wearing sunscreen) reduces the chance of health problems in the present and future (Bledsoe, 2015).
From the video provided, a child aged one and above years starts feeling independent, plays around, starts acquiring a personality and also socializes. This period requires a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment which can be provided through the following five
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