Interrogation In The Military

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And another story begins : Interrogations. How many interrogations were there? I was subjected to 40 interrogations. I've signed all my testimonials under oath . Trejo : The other witnesses did the same in separate rooms. Iker : I ask you Iker : why isn't all this in our Army's reports? Well , we knew that the five witnesses, would be judged in a military court . But Lieutenant Gimenez ,who was a lawyer, offered our preliminary defense and hence that trial in the military court didn't take place. He convincingly argued the Army always put the blame on soldiers. Iker : Did you sign anything ? Trejo : We signed a series of sworn statements describing the entity, events and that moment. We have always told the same version because…show more content…
You see, in these narrated memories. Time has gone by and some want to talk. Today no one doubts the history of these soldiers, but at that time it was very difficult to accept that an unknown intruder with those dimensions, with that glow and force, had appeared and disappeared at an Air Force Base. Where did it come from? (não coloquei essa frase) They were surprised when those soldiers described exactly the same in different-isolated rooms. Trejo : The same. They had no alternative but to recognize that something had really happened although they didn't want to recognize it. But there was no contradiction among the five witnesses who were questioned. We have provided information and were interrogated for several days. They have accused us of trying to steal weapons. Imagine , we were 18-19 years old Air Force volunteers. We were being pressured by our superiors who threatened us and our families, saying terrible things. Such things have a great impact on a young person. People who had never left their village and hadn't had experiences or a history of scuffles. And those people were being blamed by their
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