Interrogation In Virginia

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“It wasn’t to make a political statement or start a fight. We were in love and we wanted to be married.”
Racial botherations in Virginia and the United States
Since the humble beginnings of our country’s early years there has been racial confrontation. The first law that was passed stating that there could not be interracial marriages was Virginia in 1691 . From there across the United States there were racial predicaments. One of the most prominent known was when the delegates met at the Constitutional Convention. It was when the delegates decided that a slave would be three-fifth of a person (See Appendix A). Then during the beginnings of this country there were other states that passed similar laws (See Appendix B). Then you reach the
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In the year 1924, in the state of Virginia, the Racial Integrity Act was put into law (See Appendix C). There is a very rich and mindful history on why this law was passed. In fact, it was not the first-time Virginia prohibited marriage between races. This was done when Virginia was one of the thirteen colonies. This law banning all inter-racial marriage was first passed in 1691. Also, that by 1913 30 out of the 48 states at the time had a law like this. Also during that time of the passage a group called Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America that lobbied for this bill to be…show more content…
He starts by explaining the race migrations throughout history. By this he explains the causes and effects of racial migrations. In the introduction, it states, “the White race, become hybrid, has not been able to continue its cultural progress”. He meant by this that when the White race mixes when any other race nothing can be done. Further implying that the races should not mix at all.
The other founder of the then white supremacist club in Virginia was John Powell. John Powell was a well-known musician and known for supporting racial integrity legislation. He did this, claiming that, it would prevent “mongolization” of the white race. The definition of this word is to mix with a group that is known to be inferior. This implied that it would be horrible to mix the white race with any other race. Also, that it would allow the world to blossom and prosper because of “mongolization” meaning the mix of two races, with one being inferior to the other. Finally, it implied that the white race and the then referred to “negro” race to not
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