Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

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Essay Question; Discuss how Ember’s ability can be seen as a metaphor for social media and the internet in our contemporary society.
“A systematic dissemination of information, especially in a biased or misleading way in order to promote a political cause or point of view”,this is the Oxford definition of propaganda and it unswervingly mirrors the ambitions of contemporary social media. Social media today implements retroactive interference which is the theory that information presented later interferes with the ability to retain previously encoded information. Through this theory media possesses the ultimate power, the power to manipulate our minds and replace our entire initial beliefs and preconceived notions with alternative thoughts
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While Ember is in Ashalas mind materially, media is in ours metaphorically but the actual presence acts as a likeness between these two mediums of manipulation. This is also complimented by the statement, “I belong to the portion of your mind that exists beneath your conscious awareness” (Ref?) which alludes to the fact that we are not often aware of the media’s presence in our minds and therefore habitually take the media’s “suggestions” as our own. Do you really mean the media’s presence in our minds or the media’s influence on our thoughts?
This novel also portrays to us social media’s role in tarnishing reality and making us question our own thoughts using Ember as a vehicle to demonstrate this ulterior motive. Ashala states after Ember has fiddled (fiddled is a bit informal, interfered would be better) with her memory, “…my mind had gathered up a bunch of fragmented experiences and pieces of knowledge and arranged them into a pattern that made sense, except that pattern had formed a flawed picture of reality” (Ref?). This creates the impression that just as Ember has flawed Ashala’s reality, social media can do similar things as they share the same purpose, manipulating our minds to get the desired response. In addition to the awareness of the media’s role in scrambling our thoughts and presenting an altered representation of reality, we are also made aware of how media is a destructive
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