Interrogatories for a Home Inspector

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF ADAMS COUNTY STATE OF WISCONSIN CONSTANCE WOLF, f/k/a CONSTANCE WOLFGRAM Plaintiff, v. INTERROGATORIES Civil Action No. ________ LEWIS E. OLSON ALBERT DOBIASH (Note Send the Interrogatories separate) Defendants. In accordance with Rules _____________________________ of the Wisconsin Rules of Civil Procedures, Plaintiff requires that you answer the following Interrogatories in writing and under oath. DEFINITIONS As used herein below, the following words have the meaning hereafter set forth: 1. “Defendant”, “you”, and “your” refer to the party or parties to whom these Interrogatories are directed and all other persons acting on behalf of such party, including, but not limited to,…show more content…
1. Please identify the person or persons responding to these Interrogatories on behalf of the Defendant, and identify each person who has provided information in connection with these Interrogatories. 2. Identify any person not already named as a party to this lawsuit whom you contend caused or contributed to the occurrence complained of, including any architect, engineer, designer, contractor, subcontractor or others. 3. Identify each person (excluding your attorney) who provided you with information which enabled you to respond to this Interrogatory. 4. Identify the number of years you have been a licensed home inspector. 5. Please describe and provide documents that identify licenses that you presently hold (Real Estate, trades, mold, termite, thermography). 6. Provide a list of past customers who have used your home inspection services. 7. Identify your construction background and how are you formerly educated in construction sciences. 8. Identify and provide your membership of any related professional associations relating to home inspection and/or construction. 9. Identify and provide your credentials as a published writer or a speaker to establish credibility as a home inspector. 10. Provide information to show

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