Interschool Chess Tournament Of Hpc

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Interschool chess tournament of HPC.
HELLO this is a thrilling article about a very old board game being played in a college that is 102 years old and the game being ... Chess a game even older than this school and the not so old interschool chess tournament the Hauraki Plains College participates in. HPC has participated in the Interschool Chess Tournament since 2008 and has also holds inner-school tournament every term that is available to all years but this article is mainly about the interschool tournament that is held and organized by Chess Power every year. A massive range of schools join in on the event and is held all over New Zealand some being primary schools, intermediate and of course colleges like ours.
Now Hauraki Plains College is 16th in New Zealand’s interschool chess tournament rankings and this in due part the helping and organizing of our own Ms Fitzpatrick who’s been at HPC since 2004 and have been involved in many activities ranging from motocross to the WOW trip and other things as well. The Hauraki Plains College interschool chess tournament is held at this college every year and teams from Paeroa, Stanley Avenue, Morrinsville College and Te Puru Primary. (Schools with years ranging from year 1 to 13). The organizers Chess Power holds these tournaments and they hold these events in many different schools and colleges around New Zealand and the finals are held in Auckland or Nelson.
The point of this tournament is to help young New Zealanders

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