Intersection Syndrome : A Condition That Causes Pain

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Intersection Syndrome Intersection syndrome is a condition that causes pain on the thumb side of the back of the forearm, about 2–3 inches above the wrist. In this part of the forearm, muscles that help move the thumb cross over muscles that help move the wrist. These muscles may swell when they rub together frequently, which interferes with movement of the bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones (tendons). This causes pain when the wrist is moved, because tendons of the wrist and thumb cannot move freely. This condition usually goes away with proper treatment, including modification of activities that cause pain and swelling. CAUSES This condition is typically caused by repetitive gripping or squeezing. In some cases, this condition may be caused by a hard, direct hit (blow) or injury to the back of the forearm. RISK FACTORS You may have a greater risk of developing intersection syndrome if you do activities that involve a lot of gripping or repetitive motions of the hand or wrist. These activities include: • Certain jobs, such as carpentry or landscaping. • Certain sports, such as racquet sports, rowing, and weight lifting. SYMPTOMS Symptoms of this condition may include: • Pain and tenderness in the forearm and wrist. Pain may get worse when: ○ Gripping objects. ○ Moving the wrist. ○ Bearing weight through the wrist or hand, such as when you push up out of a chair. • A feeling or a sound of squeaking or rubbing (crepitation) when moving

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