Intersectionality : A Primer By Christine Emba

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GWS 10 Midterm #1 Part 1: Intersectionality 1) The term intersectionality is a concept that is new to me, but gives me a deeper understanding of how people are strongly affected not only by one form of discrimination, but by multiple forms simultaneously. The reading Intersectionality: A primer by Christine Emba defines intersectionality as a term used to describe and recognize how race, class, and gender are separate categories that can overlap and intersect (Emba, 2015). Many times these categories can merge with each other in ways that can marginalize certain groups of people and leave them unnamed and hidden. The coining of the term intersectionality by feminist legal theorist, Kimberle Crenshaw, gave light and attention to groups of…show more content…
And sometimes they experience discrimination as black women- not for the sum of race and sex discrimination, but as black women” (Crenshaw, 1989 pg. 385). These structures of oppression work together to exclude and harm people in a way that eliminates their chances of a equal opportunities to those that aren’t affected by the concept of intersectionality. 3) This image and it’s title White Privilege really stood out to me because it portrays an accurate representation of Intersectionality. The quote on the image “What’s the matter? It’s the same distance!” is what the well-dressed white man is telling the black woman who’s dressed in workout clothes with her ankle tied down. He says “it’s the same distance” but fails to mention all of the harsh obstacles that the black woman has to face before she gets to the same place that he’s going to after only having to walk around a few hurdles. The obstacles that the black woman has to face in this picture represent the overlap of race, class, and gender discrimination that come together to create this big barricade that is invisible to the white man. He sees this as an equal playing field for the both of them because it’s the same distance, but doesn’t understand or recognize that the intersectionality of discrimination exists for many people and it makes things extremely difficult to achieve because they weigh us down. From the beginning to the end,

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