Intersectionity, Stereotypes, And Gender Differences

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Trammell defines archive as an institution of guarded of intellectual power and a place where it can be interpreted. The three categories he used to discuss content for archive are map, brands, and clothes. Board games and digital games, before they showed any images, the players needed to use their imagination to create a world of the game. Most role-playing board games provided a map for the players to see what the world their characters are living in. An example, Dungeons and Dragons, has images of the characters to imagine and the map of the world. In the archive brands are a big part because most of the big companies like Nintendo and Atari, using their name to brand things like toys while using transmedia to create audio tapes and music…show more content…
Intersectionality is an interconnected categorization of race, class, and/or gender of given groups or individuals creating overlaps of discrimination or disadvantages. Intersectionality play a concept role in Everett’s idea since gender and race have intersected in the last two decades with some diversity characters but not enough. However, she points that with some games having the ability to choose a character of color as an optional or must play characters. GamerGate is an incident where a female critic named Anita Sarkeesian and many other female bloggers were targeted with harassment by a group of unknown harassers, mainly white male gamers. The gaming communities became divided since the GamerGate issue that was sparked with some agreeing with Anita’s views and some disagreeing of not believing her views and games being an only white male community. Even a few don’t choose a side at all and just like to play games. For the gaming industrial complex, many of the game designers are mostly white male and very few minorities in development and because of that we don't see many characters of color as the main role because Everett mention that white men don’t know what it’s like to be another race like an African American…show more content…
Both main characters in The Walking Dead are African-American trying to survive the apocalypse and most of the characters that die in the game are white. While in The Last of Us, it's more of the opposite where the main characters are white and all of the African-American characters die throughout the game. In The Walking Dead, the violence of the main characters doesn’t show what most people would expect of a black character to be doing. The Walking Dead shows that an African-American characters named Lee, who’s background and story can be recognized in the game by the players and can recognize him as human, not some other character we don't care for. However, some of these black characters can be misrecognized of their hardship as human being like in the The Last of Us, with many of the black character's background barely get recognized and cared for. The Walking dead also wants us, the player, to empathize with the characters struggles.There are players that can identify and be a spectator of someone with their characteristics like Lee. Lee’s personality as a caring and loving person for Clementine shows his humanity. Near the end of the game you can see Lee’s suffering from being in handcuffs in the beginning to being in it the end which present the motion between player and

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