Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Principles: Template Project

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Creation of Artifact: [This artifact was created on February 17th for the purposes of completing this assignment.]
Grade and Subject area: [This artifact is a hypothetical lesson plan directing the instruction of a 6th grade Spanish class.]
For what class or learning experience this artifact was created:
[This lesson plan is intended to guide students from their initial introduction to the Spanish language to a basic level of competency in terms of communication. Students would progress from remembering and reciting the alphabet to combining vocabulary words into simple sentences.]
[An example of the daily lesson plan has been attached]
Artifact: [An example of the daily lesson plan has been attached below.]
Character Education: [Character education is important within our educational system. Leadership in schools is always looking for ways to incorporate character qualities in everything done in and out of the classroom. Whether you are planning to teach at a Christian school or public school, this is an important aspect. For 6 out of the 10 artifacts, state how you used or would use this artifact to teach or instill a character quality. Incorporate Biblical perspectives throughout this section of reflection.]
Reflection: [The reflection will be the most important part of this entry. Review Chapter 3 in the Foster text for a refresher on how…
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