Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Principles

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INTASC PRINCIPLE # 5 Use this form for each of the INTASC Principles. Delete the content within the brackets and supply your own answers. Creation of Artifact: February 18th, 2013 Grade and Subject area: 4th Grade Mathematics For what class or learning experience this artifact was created: This artifact will be used to teach mathematics to fourth graders in a public school system environment. Artifact: The artifact is to execute a mathematics learning plan for fourth graders that facilitates and encourages both individual and group motivation whilst encouraging social interaction while both levels of motivation are being fostered. As suggested by the assignment and principle, heavy use will be made of technology as it is proven that technology can be used to facilitate and speed the learning process as well as interactions among the group. The first step, before any learning is bestowed, is to familiarize the children with the technology and how it works. Basic examples, which are based on subjects the children have already learned in prior grades, will be used so that new material and learning the technology are not happening at the same time. Work will be done both in groups and solo, so that the children are comfortable working together and socialize while they also are encouraged to be self-sufficient and self-empowering. Children will be given iPad-like devices to use solo and in groups. Children in groups will take turns while the others assist and
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