Interstate Waste Services Case Study

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While driving by Interstate Waste Services facility at 375 US Highway 1 and 9 in Jersey city, New Jersey, I immediately noticed the poverty surrounding the facility. From my observation I would say the yearly median income in that neighborhood is anywhere between eighteen and twenty-five thousand dollars. With such a low income, it is quickly identified that this was a lower class neighborhood. I also noticed many Hispanics or African Americans outside their homes. In my opinion, I believe the facility is located in a lower class neighborhood because with not much money coming from the people who live near the facility, they know that they wouldn’t be able to do much even if they did not want it there. It also allows them to rent/sell the houses for much lower prices so families who are limited with their spending to buy or rent a house will be able to do so on a budget. It was no doubt that the area around the facility was lower class. The houses/apartments looked very old and beat up and the smell coming from the facility were overwhelming. When you enter an upper class neighborhood you immediately notice the nice roads, kids playing outside their house and for the most part, expensive cars. When…show more content…
They would never place a facility that was so loud, dirty and smelled in an upper class or even a middle class neighborhood. When you have more money, it gives you more access to do things, especially when you do not like it. The upper/middle class would immediately take action and would not care the amount of money they would need to use to go to court in a situation like that. The people surrounding the facility probably barely make enough money to pay bills and put food on the table so they would not be able to afford to fight back with the town. Unfortunately, the less money you make, the less of a voice you are in this
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