Intertextuality in As With Most Men by Mark Gonzales and It’s a Men’s Issue by Jackson Kitz

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Hundred of years of male domination in the country has created unequal values of gender issues in the society such as work, payment, and rights. Gender issue has become a controversy that doesn’t have any direct solution to solve. In this paper, I will investigate the intertextuality between two pieces, “As With Most Men” by Mark Gonzales and a TED video named “Violence Against Women – It’s a Men’s Issue” by Jackson Kitz. In the poem of “As With Most Men”, Mark Gonzales strongly portrays the image of gender violence, especially on how men are walking contradicts who will emotionally and physically abuse women. Likewise, Jackson Katz also touches on the same topic of gender issue, which he purposes men are the ones who responsible for gender violence.
First, In “Violence Against Women – It’s a Men’s Issue” Katz amplifies Gonzales point that ‘men are walking contradictions’ by claiming that this happens because male leadership in the society is failing. At the beginning of poem, Gonzales introduces his first line “As with most men, it is easier for me to give hugs than to accept them.” (Gonzales 1) This statement simply conveys that often, for most men, it’s easier said then done. Men say they love their women, but their actions prove that what they meant is something completely different due to the fact that they are “nothing more than emotional skyscrapers built with glass infrastructures.” (Gonzales 2) Katz adds on, “the people in charge who make decisions about resources

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