Intervention Child Birth Vs Natural

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Intervention Child Birth Vs Natural Does the use of epidurals increase the occurrence of c-sections, vs Natural childbirth? Using Epidurals Natural Child Birth Do epidurals increase your chances of a c-section Second phase of labor [Heading 1] To collect information to answer my question, I searched Google Scholar, Google Scholar is a search tool that is made up of articles from scholarly resources. When searching I used the terms, “epidural”, “c-section”, and “labor to find my articles. I made specific that all articles should be published later than 1995, so that I got the most up to date articles and information. This gave me 54 results, in which I sorted through reading the abstract first. Through this process I deemed that 5 articles were likely to answer my question. [Heading 2]1 The first article that I came across; Birth Outcomes associated with pain interventions in labor among low risk women-a population based study. (Sally K Tracy, Dec 2006) In this article they observed the increased rate of c-sections among women that used epidural intervention during labor. The study was conducted among 753,895 women between the years of 2000-2003. They concluded that there is a need for better clinical evidence on the effects of the epidurals among laboring women. I found this article very interesting and educational, but wonder if it is biased due to the fact that it was published in the College of American midwives. Their focus is primarily on natural childbirth so
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