Intervention For Food Selectivity Of A Specialized School Setting Essay

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Intervention for Food Selectivity in a Specialized School Setting: Teacher Implemented Prompting, Reinforcement, and Demand Fading for an Adolescent Student with Autism Food Selectivity is a prevalent characteristic in children with intellectual and developmental Disorders. In the article, “Intervention for Food Selectivity in a Specialized School Setting … For an Adolescent Student with Autism” it discusses the commonalities of peculiar eating amongst individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the reasoning’s behind their food selectivity. It is said that texture, taste, and familiarity of foods may be explanations why a child is finicky about what they consume. (Jonson, Handen, Mayer-Costa, & Sacco, 2008; Ledford & Gast, 2006 Luiselli, 2006). The importance of the research conducted in this study is to strengthen appropriate eating and diminish mealtime behaviours in food-selectivity due to the dangerous affects it places on these individuals. There lays a problematic concern with these types of eating habits since a limited diet can cause malnutrition, dehydration, and other health risks. (Emond, Emmett, Steer, & Golding, 2010) Along with physical factors from a lack of nutrients, children with food selectivity often display behavioural outbursts when asked or prompted to eat foods they’re not interested in. Within the study, they used an ABA approach to change the way the individual looked at foods to increase better eating habits. Unlike most studies where the
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