Intervention Implementation Of The Consumer Needs

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Intervention Introduction Interventions are important in addressing the consumer needs. Mr. Peter has been experiencing concerns of stomachaches, headaches, and problem sleeping. Reviewing the report of Mr. Peter, he has potential from receiving positive outcomes from suggested treatment. However, Mr. Peter’s medical records have not been evaluated. So, through the process and procedures further exploration of symptoms and experiences will effect treatment outcome. Items for treatment process In my initial assessment of Mr. Peter expressed experiencing stomachaches and headaches. In addition, he shared not been sleeping well for the past three months. Evaluating these concerns minimal treatment will be applied until further exploration of concerns can be conducted. My recommend for the treatment process is first to review medical records if available. Moreover, to research a possible medical induced condition. Secondly, utilize scaling questions with Mr. Peter to identify the severity levels of his stomachaches, headaches, and sleep behaviors. Further evaluations are needed before a diagnosis of concerns, however reviewing an assessment report, life stressor in Mr. Peters personal and work life gives evidence of possible stressor that may be influencing Mr. Peter’s concerns. Proposed intervention Procedures My proposed intervention would be Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). McCracken & Vowles, (2014) mentions that CBT is successful in treatment with prolonged
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