Intervention : Overview On The Classroom

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Intervention - Overview (.5 points):

The intervention that will take place in the prek classroom is to set up clear rules for the student to follow. With this the teacher and I will start to award treats for behaving in the class-room. Example of this is a piece of candy or a sticker. Other things that I will start trying tin the classroom is to focus more on good behavior and not on the negative behavior that we see in the classroom. Instead of continuously saying what they are doing is wrong we trying to see what the student are doing right to encourage them to continue doing the correct things. Other thing that will start will be a daily report on the students behavior that they take home so that the parent know what they are doing
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“Over time, less guidance is provided until the child is able to perform the command independently This method is often recommended for children who do not understand the requirements or lack the skill needed to perform the request-ed command“( p.183)

Intervention – Literature Review
The literature that I will review is Evidence-Based Classroom Behavior Management Strategies The paper talks gives evidence-based strategies that can be apply by teacher to reduce disruptive behaviors in their classrooms. They give several antecedent strategies that can help minimize problem behavior in the classroom. Several of the strategies suggest provide positive consequence for good behavior. Which is one of the strategies that I will be using in the classroom using proactive strategies to help improve the students behavior? The paper also include a section about enhancing teacher student relationships. BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT IN PRESCHOOL CLASSROOMS: INSIGHTS REVEALED THROUGH SYSTEMATIC OBSERVATION AND IN-TERVIEW. This study is about how mixed method strategies used in a preschool setting help with classroom management. Form this literature I based many of my own idea own what action I should do to research my idea on classroom management. I will be using both proactive and reactive behavior management strategies.There study show “results revealed
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