Intervention Process : The Cbt Based Interventions

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Intervention Process: The CBT-based interventions I wanted to concentrate on with Mr. Charlie were implementing goals, identifying his avoided situations, and his negative thoughts. In terms of the first intervention of identifying goals with Mr. Charlie, he and I were able to collaboratively identify the goals of not being afraid, limit the amount of assistance he is allowed and getting a job. By identifying these goals with Mr. Charlie, I then was able to help him prioritize the goals, which, “involves determining the most central issues that cause concern and arranging them from most important to least important” (Cully & Teten 2008 p. 32). The least pressing goal was not being afraid of being watched. Another goal was to limit…show more content…
With all of these goals we would take small steps throughout the sessions so Mr. Charles did not feel overwhelmed by trying to address all of these goals and homework assignments. The next intervention I used was avoided situations. With Mr. Charles, we both decided to look at his job search avoidance. When we were discussing the job search, he seemed to get kind of annoyed, frustrated, and enraged in some points of the sessions, not physically but verbally. When he would act these ways sometimes in the sessions, I would attempt to be understanding and empathetic of why he was acting this way. I would just be calm with him and explain to him that I am just trying to help him to get to a better place in these situations. With his job search, we addressed this by having him take one-step at a time each week and work on helping him to do his resume first, his cover letter, and then his application. This allowed us to look into how we could confront his feared situations. The final intervention was to help him to identify his negative thoughts around paranoia and lack of support from family members. Mr. Charles was paranoid of being watched and felt like the government was not letting him have the assistance he needed. With his negative thoughts, he was also having core-beliefs of “nothing good comes in my life, “stating that he was
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