Intervention Selection For Adolescents With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Ervin, R A, DuPaul, G J, Kern, L, & Friman, P C. (1998, Spring). Classroom-based Functional and Adjunctive Assessments: Proactive Approaches to Intervention Selection for Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 31 (1), p.65-78.
The purpose of the Ervin, DuPaul, Kern and Friman (1998) study was: to explore previous research and expand upon those finding to determine if the identification of a behavior’s function is valuable and/or necessary in developing appropriate, effective and acceptable interventions in the natural setting the behaviors occur. (p.67)
The participants of the study were two adolescent boys, both meeting the Diagnostic and
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(p.70-71) It must be noted that during this research, circular variables were also identified such as length of task and written and non-written assignments. (p.66) This is done as they directly relate to the dependent variable and can help us understand the child’s behavior.
In regards to experimental design each boy utilized a different design. Joey utilized and ABAB design and for Carl a multiple baseline design was utilized. (p. 70) In order to establish the initial baseline for both boys the teachers went back to utilizing the methods they had implemented prior to the beginning of the research so that they could obtain an accurate measurement of the effectiveness of chosen interventions. In regards to Joey and the ABAB design, the initial baseline identified through the above procedure and was off task behavior in writing 1-2 times weekly. Utilizing both teacher interview, the interview with Joey and observer data it was identified that Joey showed his behaviors most often during pencil-paper task both long and short (these are the A’s in the ABAB design). Thus the first intervention used in the ABAB design was the use of a computer during writing assignments equal to or longer than 20 minutes (this is the 1st B in the ABAB design). (p. 70) For short term (5-7 minutes) writing assignments the intervention utilized was to give Joey and his peers 2 minutes of brainstorming (this is the 2nd B in the ABAB design)
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