Intervention Studies on Forgiveness Journal Article 1 Essay example

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Intervention Studies on Forgiveness
Daulphinia Glover
Liberty University

Summary In the journal article titled “Intervention Studies on Forgiveness” by Thomas W. Baskin and
Robert D. Enright is a meta-analysis study on interventions that are conducted to determine if the interventions that are being utilized are effective when it comes to forgiveness. In the early case studies it was “suggested that forgiveness might be helpful for people who have experienced deep emotional pain” (Baskin & Enright, 2004, p. 79). A forgiveness intervention helps to develop and recognize that benevolence and empathy for others who has either been emotionally, mentally and physically abused. These three areas are just
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The third model as presented by McCullough &
Worthington (1995). Was created with the intention of each participant writing letters to the offenders without actually sending them, this process was a way of letting go of the pain and anger without confronting the individual. All three models were developed to assist the individuals in identifying those that hurt them and begin the process towards forgiveness through self-forgiveness and healing. Holding on to resentment and anger gives the offender more control that can eventually control the emotional and mental behaviors of those affected.
The journal article was informative it helped to influence the importance of forgiveness.
There have been several times in my personal life where I have been hurt emotionally and verbally. There were also some episodes of physical abuse in my early teens and early twenty’s. I also went through some emotional and mental abuse with my husband; we have been divorced for three years now. In all of these challenging periods of my life it was if I was on a roller coaster. I became depressed, resentful and did not trust anyone it seemed as if when I got through one crisis another would come. Through all of these challenges God was shaping and developing my character. I learned how to forgive through the grace and mercy of God. The forgiveness feels so good to me I am not heavy hearted and angry
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