Interview, A Licensed Social Worker And Write An Experience Paper About The Interview Essay

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For Mrs. Hewes the Introduction to Social Work class we were asked to interview a licensed Social Worker and write an experience paper about the interview. Finding a social worker to interview wasn’t very hard for me because many of my mother’s friends got their masters in social work, but not many of them actually got their license except for one of them. The licensed social worker that I interviewed goes by the name of Tanya Hill. Tanya got her Masters of Social Work at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida in 2000, as well as her license and she now resides in Panama City, Florida. Tanya is someone that I have known since I was a little girl and someone that I definitely aspire to be like once I graduate. My interview with Tanya was over the phone since I did not have time to drive back to Florida to do a face to face one, but while we were on the phone every answer she gave me to the questions I asked were quite interesting. The first question I asked during the interview was, “How long have you been working with this agency? In this field?” Tanya’s response was that she has been Self-Employed for 16 years. When I asked Tanya if the agency was public or private or a non-profit or for-profit, she said that she was a for-profit solo practitioner. Another question that I had to ask her is, “What population do you serve?”, her response was Developmentally Disabled Children and Adults. I’ve always known that was the population that she served, but just knowing
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