Interview : A Nursing Home Facility For About 12 Years Now

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The caregiver that I chose to interview is a 51 year old female who has worked in a nursing home facility for about 12 years now. She started out as a teacher’s aide and decided that she could no longer work in this area. She felt this way because she would see something dramatic happen to a student and she would be very upset by it. She told me “It’s always more sad to see a child pass away than an elderly person who has lived their life”. From that day on she decided she would work as a caregiver for the elderly. She works one-on-one and as an advocate for the seniors in her workplace. She enjoys what she does and takes it very seriously. She helps with many different tasks throughout your average day. She states that what she does is…show more content…
Patience is a skill she said you would need for about any career. It’s a great skill to have but she also said it’s a difficult skill to keep. Meaning some of her co-workers may come in thinking they are patient, but once they start working that skill could change. She mentioned that she has lots of resources and having resources is always helpful in any direction you choose. She has the support at home and work which is something not many people have. Having knowledge in different behaviors is something that she feels very strongly about. In fact, she loves different behaviors. With her loving different behaviors she also likes to try to figure out what makes them tick. Meaning what will make her patient go off, get sad or just go off on their own. Time management is necessary so that you may be able to spend your extra time allowed with family and friends. This is an extremely important skill for caregivers. She said this is especially important for her as her family is everything to her. They are her supporters, her fans and listeners. She needs them and the time to spend with them. She also spoke a lot about how everyone goes through life’s many journeys. She said the first step here is to accept it. Acceptance is a skill a caregiver will need as well. To accept life’s journey and the end of the journey as in death is what she means here. Additional responsibilities
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