Interview A Teacher : An Interview With A Teacher

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For this assignment we had to interview a teacher. The teacher I chose was Mrs. Gilbert. She is a special education counselor and algebra teacher. She has been a huge influence on my life. I can not wait to share the things I have learned from her in this interview. First question was what made you a teacher? She started to explain that in Sophomore year of high school she was signed up as a peer helper tutor which means she help special needs children with their homework. According to Mrs. Gilbert that after two days in that environment she knew that was her calling and what she need to do for the rest of her life. As she kept sharing her story she told me that not only did she know it was he calling, but it was also a place in her life where she could make a difference in this world. We may not always see the change but, when others we have help achieve we can see the difference we have made in their live. Most exciting part of being a teacher was a very impressive answer from Mrs. Gilbert was it is awesome to stand on the field and see my students graduate and achieve great things. She also explained that the best thing about being a teacher was the ah-ha moments because those moments give the teacher a better idea of what the student is learning and achieving. It was funny to hear her say that she loved when students made a unexpected connection because I can relate to this when I started in her class I kept telling myself I hate math but she was such amazing math

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