Interview A Wonderful Woman Who Is An Educator, Wife And Mother

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I was given the opportunity to interview a wonderful woman who is an educator, wife and mother. Helen or “Ms. Helen” as her 4k students know her as, is always there with an open ear and wonderful advice. She works with each child in their own way, preparing them for preschool. She really believes that there is a light in every child that should be seen by the world. With the encouragement of a teacher like her, children will be able to spread their wings to become who they are truly meant to be. It was only a few years ago when Helen decided to change her lifestyle by working with children. Having four children of her own, she understood how important having a good role model for children was. She sets high expectations for her family, students and for herself by being confident of who she is and what she represents. She understands that good role models are open and honest about admitting fault if they make a mistake. She is a strong enough person now to understand and see the mistakes she has made in her past. She keeps in mind everyday, why God brought her into this world and to find the message she needs to share. Helen grew up in River Falls WI with a family of eight, her being the second youngest where quietness was not a word. As kids they all liked to get into their own trouble such as, “flying off the roof with a garbage bag as a cape.” They were all fun loving kids with a lot of responsibilities. Having so many siblings meant keeping up on the housework, tend to
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