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Interview a Professional in the Field 10/19/2014 For my paper I decided to interview Celia Johnson who is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Family Achievement Center’s in Woodbury, MN, one of the two centers my oldest son Ethan attends to get services in Occupational Therapy once a week. As I had the opportunity to chat with her I got to know more of the work she does now and her previous experience working for other centers. 1. My first question to Celia was can you share something about yourself? Celia stated that she is twenty five years of age and she graduated from St. Catherine’s University in the year 2011 with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, since than she has been practicing in her field and loves every minute of it. 2. My second question to Celia was, what made you decide to become a Child and Family Occupational Therapist? As Celia got more comfortable she began to tell me that she first got exposed to the field of occupational therapy through volunteer opportunities, as a high school student. Celia began to volunteer at an assisted living center for elderly people, as well as for the Gillette Children’s rehab facility. She originally went into Occupational Therapy (OT) School thinking she wanted to work with the elderly population. Nonetheless, once she completed her internships she had the chance to get more real-world knowledge experience with a diversity of residents, and establish new relationships working with children and
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