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Abdullah Almutairi David Scott ENGL 101-059 14 Sep, 2015 Interview About My Cousin Like any other person, Zaid lived his childhood day by day. He has never thought of the future because that is how a kid is; they live life in the present and only the present. As time passed, nothing changed; he reached his teenage years and still nothing new, just living every day and waiting for tomorrow with no expectations or assumptions. In this period of age, all of his friends had already set goals and planned their futures, each friend with a different dream. Yet that was not for him, he was really satisfied with living for each day and never looking towards the future. One day, just like any other regular day; he sat down with his father and they started talking. It is a usual thing that he does a lot, so they talked about his day and how it went just as usual. One thing that had changed at that time was that his father shifted the course of their conversation and started to talk with a serious tone that Zaid never had heard from his father before, so he was shocked little bit. His father sounded like he wanted to open zaid’s eyes to something. He asked him, "Son, what are your expectations for your life?”. Zaid was not sure why he asked him that. Maybe because of his brother that was constantly talking about how he wants to be a lawyer or his sister mentioning that she wants to open her own company. Zaid was the only one who never opened a conversation about the future with his
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